1,000 source words = 90.00 EUR or the current equivalent in other major currencies.



1,000 source words = 40.00 EUR or the current equivalent in other major currencies.



1,000 target words = 30.00 EUR or the current equivalent in other major currencies.



30.00 EUR or the current equivalent in other major currencies.



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The difference between editing and proofreading


Editing (or revising) focuses on improving the translation by extensively improving it in terms of stylistic adequacy, consistent tone of translation, use of terminology, correct grammar and punctuation, etc. The translation is checked against the source text for conformity and to ensure that it flows as if originally written in the respective language and that it does not just repeat word for word everything that the source text shows. However, it is essential that the general meaning is retained and that no important data is omitted.


The term proofreading is often used by some translators in the same sense as editing/revising but normally it means to proofread only the (target) language file and check for typos, misspellings, character corruptions, grammar errors, punctuation errors, wrong hyphenation and capitalisation, typographical mistakes and other language-specific issues. The source text in the case of a translation is not provided or used. Editorial changes are usually not allowed when proofreading a file. The proofreading stage is designed to ensure that the language content of a file has no errors. If a text is to be published and made available to a wide audience, it makes sense to have the entire document proofread by an experienced and highly skilled independent linguist with a very meticulous approach and a great eye for detail who will ensure that all blemishes and inconsistencies are removed from the document before it reaches the publication stage.

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