Slavomir BELIS Profile: Profile:




Nationality and native language: SLOVAK

Date of birth: 12 September 1971

Age: 46















ü        A motivated, reliable and resourceful full-time linguist with 17 years of experience in the field of freelance and in-house translation and with a proven work record in several specialist areas.

ü        Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London, UK (MCIL).

ü        Proficiency in written English as a foreign language, excellent Slovak language skills and good knowledge of the respective cultures.

ü        Good computer and IT skills.

ü        Attention to detail.

ü        Ability to meet tight deadlines and work at short notice.

ü        Meticulous approach to work based on common sense and dedication.

ü        Continual professional development.




August 2002–Present

Full-time freelance translator


I have built up expertise in the following subject areas: Computers and IT; SW and HW; Telecommunications; Printing and Publishing; Marketing; EU Affairs; Human Resources; Certificates, Diplomas and Licences; Finance; Legal Documentation; Migration; Social Work and Other Social Affairs; Community; Real Estate; Social Security; Business and Commerce; Correspondence; Automotive; Technology and Technical Documentation; Industrial Products and Services; Environment. Other subject areas are considered.


My total output of translated/edited/proofread text in the English/Slovak language combination during this period is approximately 5,000,000 words. Details on projects and assignments, as well as references, are available upon request.


November 2001–July 2002

Slovak Telecom, Inc.

HR Unit, Translation and Interpreting Department

Nam. slobody 6, Bratislava 817 62, SLOVAKIA


Full-time in-house English/Slovak translator, specialising in technical texts, mainly in the areas of IT, Technology/Engineering and Telecommunications. Also translated marketing, human resources, finance and legal texts and documents such as business and sales strategies and policies, contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, business correspondence, project documentation, presentations, minutes, etc.


My total output of translated text in the English/Slovak language combination during this period was approximately 450,000 words.


January 2001–September 2001

Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Foreign Affairs Department, Interpreters and Translators Section

Kutuzovova 4, Bratislava 832 47, SLOVAKIA


Assigned as an English/Slovak translator/interpreter as part of compulsory military service. Interpreted during foreign visits, meetings and workshops and translated general, technical and military texts and documents such as reports, methodologies, guidelines, prognoses, strategies, concepts, development plans, operational programmes, acquisition plans, presentations, outgoing and incoming international correspondence, etc.


My total output of translated text in the English/Slovak language combination during this period was approximately 250,000 words.




September 2001–June 2002

Comenius University Bratislava

Racianska 59, Bratislava, 813 34, SLOVAKIA


Postgraduate course on Translation Studies, organised in co-operation with the Interpreting, Translation and International Relations Institute of the University of Marc Bloch in Strasbourg, France. The course focused on the following fields:


1. European Institutions

2. Technology and Engineering

3. Economics, Finance and Banking

4. State Administration, Law and Judiciary


September 1996–June 2000

Worcester College of Technology

Deansway, Worcester, WR1 2JF, ENGLAND


Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English as a Foreign Language – 1997

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English as a Foreign Language – 1998

City & Guilds Certificate in Information Technology – 1999–2000:

          Word-processing Principles – Level I, II, III

          Spreadsheets – Level I, II, III

          Databases – Level I, II

          Desk Top Publishing – Level I, II

          Web Design – Level I, II


September 1990–June 1995

University of Nitra

A. Hlinku 3, Nitra, 949 01, SLOVAKIA


Degree in Management and Agronomy of Agriculture.




Over the last 21 years I have fully committed myself to my passion of mastering the English language and further developing my Slovak language skills. Naturally, my wish has been to pursue my career in translating as far as possible.